An ill-fated road trip into the past.
An enigmatic runaway with no future.
A shared nightmare to bind them.


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Touch evil and evil touches you back.

When a man mistakenly killed in his place leaves a cryptic message from beyond the grave, PI Evan Buckley sets off on an ill-fated road trip through the southern states in a vain attempt to banish the ghosts that haunt him, to clear his mind and shore up his resolve before confronting the hardship that awaits him.

Everything changes when he stops for a young girl huddled at the side of the road on a deserted stretch of highway. It’s clear she’s running away from someone or something — however vehemently she denies it. At times angry and hostile, at others scared and vulnerable, he’s almost relieved when she runs out on him in the middle of the night. Except he has a nasty premonition that he hasn’t heard the last of her. Nor does it take long before he’s proved horribly right, the consequences dire for himself and Detective Kate Guillory.

Meanwhile the dogs of his past continue to snap at his heels as his mentor Elwood Crow’s son Caleb pursues an agenda of his own, forging an unholy alliance with the spiritual and moral blight that is Avery Pentecost, calling into question where his allegiances truly lie.

As if Evan needed reminding, touch evil and evil touches you back in ways you won’t easily forget.

Available on Amazon

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