JAMES HARPER is a USA Today bestselling author and the creator of the Evan Buckley crime thrillers. Raised on a diet of Philip Marlowe and Travis McGee, it’s easy to see how they turned out the way they did. Combining murder, mystery, and mayhem with a healthy dose of humor and a touch of romance thrown in, the novels feature wise-cracking, street-smart private-eye Evan Buckley and his sometimes partner in crime, Detective Kate Guillory.

James has worked as a lecturer, a web designer and an accountant (where his natural talent for making stuff up wasn’t always appreciated), before he changed tack and started writing fiction to put it to better use. In his spare time James does what he’s told (if he knows what’s good for him) and likes touring Europe on his motorbike.

He currently lives in a 400 year old cottage in the woods with his wife and their cats, Leonard and Lily. That’s not James in the picture above (nor is it his wife, more’s the pity).

James loves hearing from readers, so please feel free to contact him.