Killer Crime Giveaway


The Killer Crime Giveaway is now live:
September 17 – September 30

2018/09/30 23:59:59

42 Great Thrillers – All Free! Including books from authors Colin Devonshire, Lorena May, Rex Bolt, Peter Bartram, David Boiani, Michele PW (Pariza Wacek), David Six, David Callinan, Angus McLean, David DeLee, Mike Gomes, carlyle labuschagne, Michael D. Wright, Jay Nadal, Chris Ward, Amber Craft, C.C. Edmonston, Paul Casselle, David Fuentes, Holly Sheidenberger, Steven Moore, Duane Lindsay, Vito Zuppardo, R Weir. Glenn McGoldrick, Brent Jones, Neven Carr and Michael Lister.

And me, James Harper, of course!

An exclusive Evan Buckley mystery – Fallen Angel – is included in the giveaway and you can get a copy for free (or any of the other books) by clicking the button below.

At the moment Fallen Angel is exclusive to the giveaway – you can’t get it anywhere else, so grab your copy now before the giveaway ends.

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