Spine-Tingling Murder Mystery Giveaway!


The Spine-Tingling Murder Mystery Giveaway is now live:
March 22 – April 25

2018/04/25 23:59:59

21 Great Murder Mysteries – All Free! Including books from authors JG Alva, David Berens, Garry and Roy Robson, D. F. Bailey, Dale Nelson, Lisette Kristensen, Milo James Fowler, Michael D. Wright, Sall Nomi, Brian Drake, David Six, M.K. Morgan, Daniel Rouse, Mike Gomes, Edna Curry, Phillip Strang, Neven Carr, Steven higgs ans Steve M

And me, James Harper, of course!

The latest Evan Buckley thriller – No Rest For The Wicked – is included in the giveaway and you can get a copy for free (or any of the other books) by following the link below.

At the moment No Rest For The Wicked is exclusive to the giveaway – you can’t get it anywhere else, so grab your copy now before the giveaway ends.

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