Electrifying Thrillers & Mysteries


The Electrifying Thrillers & Mysteries Giveaway is now live:
October 27 – November 12

2017/11/12 23:59:59

49 Great Thrillers – All Free! Including books from authors J. Scott Matthews, Andrew Jackson, Helen Vivienne Fletcher, Perrin Briar, Mark Downey, Mark Duff, Nick Keller, Dean Klinkenberg, Ann Jones, Terry Keys, Nathan Gross, Elias Zanbaka, B.M. Allsopp, Andrea Merchak, Persia Walker, J.G. Follansbee, Will North, Robin Storey, Phillip Strang, Eugene Lloyd MacRae, M.A. Petterson, Neven Carr, Jack McSporran, Lois Lavrisa, Steven Moore, N.C. Lewis, Brian Ference, Matthew Buza, Ethan Jones, Kristoff Chimes, Chris Lowry, Gregg Bell, David Callinan, Joel Ohman, Kim Frauli, Penelope Sotheby, Scarlett Braden, Christopher McGarry, Ronald S Barak, Farah Cook, Craig A. Hart, Irie Parker, Pamela Crane and Lynne Constantine.

And me, James Harper, of course!

The latest Evan Buckley thriller – No Rest For The Wicked – is included in the giveaway and you can get a copy for free (or any of the other books) by following the link below.

At the moment No Rest For The Wicked is exclusive to the giveaway – you can’t get it anywhere else, so grab your copy now before the giveaway ends.

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